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December 2001
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Premiere Issue December 2001

Case Study
Gloria Starr

Ignorance is bliss, they say and was I ignorant as to the ways of a successful internet presence until I participated in Tom Antion's Internet Marketing Butt Camp.

This program and the key strategies I learned and implemented has been the most successful and profitable learning curve to position me as the expert in my field in the entire 19 years I have been in business.

I was already successful in my business. My seminars and executive coaching on image, etiquette and power communication skills have taken me to Italy, Canada, Asia, South Africa, South America and Australia. I had a presence in the marketplace and I had a presence on the web. However, my web presence "looked good" but I had not booked any business from my web site.

I met Tom when he spoke at the  Florida Speaker's Association. He told us our web sites looked good, but most of them were useless pieces of artwork and he was right!

I took the plunge and signed up for the Butt Camp. The information Tom presented far exceeded my expectations and it was presented in a way that made sense to a non-technical person. One by one I incorporated the strategies beginning with the meta tags and imbedded links throughout the pages. I made the site easier to navigate and then began to submit the site to the search engines for positioning. I followed the advice from Tom and then I was hooked. It WORKED!

I was getting up in the middle of the night to check the statistics. I was consumed. I implemented the strategies he presented and it worked! . . . .Immediate results. Now that's my idea of success!

Then I took him up on his offer to take Butt Camp again free as a graduate of the program. I then incorporated all of the new things I learned that I missed the first time around. Next, I purchased Tom's electronic book "Click" and downloaded it and read all night with my yellow highlighter and started on the campaign to make my site even better.

Within a few months my site went from 30 to 50 users a day to 500 to 950 users a day. From zero sales or inquiries about my seminars to $150,000.00 worth of business booked directly from my site in about seven months.

At Tom's advice, I also wrote and added an electronic book to my site. "Tips and Tactics to Outclass the Competition" is selling and exceeding my expectations as a positioning tool for me as the expert in my field.

Now I really like to get good value for my dollar investment. Did I get good value? Absolutely. I liked the nuts and bolts of how Tom presented the material. It made sense. I could understand it and I became my own web master and was able to make instant changes to the copy and design immediately.

I took action and I am totally responsible for my success. The internet is a global highway that has a very low toll to drive on if you know where you are going. And yes it has worked very well for me.

Gloria Starr

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