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December 2001
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Premiere Issue December 2001

Miscellaneous Stuff You Need to Know


  • So far viruses can't get into compressed files so if you have important material you want to protect you might want to use a compression utility like zip.

  • Make it a rule in your business to not open attachments. In most cases you can simply reply to the sender and ask them to resend the info in the body of an email.

  • Avoid suspicious file names. Like ILoveYou.exe  something like this is probably a virus that has been renamed to fool you.

  • Back up, Back up, Back up. You'll be crying big elephant tears if you put off this critical component to making money on the web

Internet Fraud and Security

  • Free site to teach you all the ways to keep from getting ripped off by criminal customers. 

  • They have a free ebook on keeping your website secure. 
    Note: Don't feel you have to spend a ton for one of their secure pages. In many cases they are given to you for your use when you buy some other service. For instance if you use as your shopping system you are given a secure Verisign site to use and it's included in your shopping system fee.

Do yourself and everyone else a favor and don't look like an idiot

  • Don't forward virus warnings

  • Don't forward requests for donations for a child with seven heads

  • Don't forward info about the post office trying to charge us 5 cents an email.

  • Don't forward something just because it came from a trusted friend that appears to know one of the people involved in the stupid email you are considering forwarding

Pretty much don't forward anything. There is a 99.9 percent chance that it is a hoax and you will hurt your business reputation and waste lots of time by participating. Just delete them when you get them.

Visit the sites below to see why you will look really stupid for forwarding all this crap.


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