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December 2001
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Premiere Issue December 2001


  • US consumers like permission based email. According to a survey done by Doubleclick in October 2001, 78% of US consumers preferred permission based email as their main form of contact with online merchants. -- So where is your ezine?

  • More people are likely to participate in some form of online group discussion because of the fear of flying. The Pew Internet & American Life Project said that 71% of those surveyed are getting involved with or learning more about group activities on the net. -- This website is housing my first discussion board ever.

  • The 2001 "Holiday Readiness Report" from Vividence finds that 71% of US online consumers are concerned about the economy. And because of attacks on the country,  40% plan to shop less is stores this holiday season. 29% say they will shop more online this holiday season because they are concerned about store safety. -- Do you have anything that would be a good gift to be purchased from your site. Get it ready now!

  • According to a survey from the National Consumers League (NCL) as of August 2001, 59% believe it is safer to pay for something bought online with a check or money order than with a credit card. -- It's up to you to continue to build confidence on your site and with all your dealings with customers.

  • Consumers International, employed 15 consumer organizations from 14 countries to make online orders between November 2000 and January 2001. They found that 63% of worldwide business-to-consumer (B2C) websites provide instant, online acknowledgement that orders have been processed. Additionally, 82% calculate total order costs. Only 11% include guarantees or warranties with orders. -- This means that the expectations are for you to have real time credit card processing. This also means that it is no surprise that people are afraid to order when only 11% are displaying  guarantees and warranties.

  • Yippee for online retailers! There will be two additional years added to the moratorium on taxes for Internet businesses. The White house said in a statement supporting the moratorium, "The administration believes that government should be promoting Internet usage and availability, not discouraging it with access taxes and discriminatory taxes." -- Just another reason to start selling stuff on the Internet. It's much easier because you don't have to fool around with collecting sales taxes on your out of state sales.


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