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Note: Subscribers outside the USA would be better off finding a local supplier for packaging and supplies although many of the software resources and people that I recommend can be used no matter where you live. I invite you to alert me to suppliers in other countries and I will post them here.

Suppliers posted here are not necessarily endorsed by Tom Antion. Always proceed with caution in all your business dealings.

Associate Program to Sell Speaking and Internet Marketing Related Products

Associate Program Software (to have others selling your products) (Associate program software included in the shopping  package)

Audio Editing Software Tom uses "Sound Forge"

Audio Tapes, Blank 

Audio Tape and CD Packaging I buy all kinds of packaging from these people. 

Audio Tape Duplicating Machines They also have blank tapes, but the tape quality is not that great.

Audio Tape Labeling Software and Labels  Tom uses Avery Label Pro software and Avery audio tape labels because they are very high quality.

Automation Tools Unlimited sequential autoresponders along with entire automated shopping cart system.

(see Automation tools above)

CD Burning Software  "Easy CD Creator"

CD Duplicating Also has a free technical book on creating CDs (you don't have to know everything in this book to make good CDs)

CD Labels 

CD Labeling Software 

CD Menu / Autoplay Software "AutoPlay Menu Studio"

CGI Scripts 

Customer Service Application 

Ebook Stores 

Email Checker, POP3

Ezine Template, (HTML) (much more expensive than Constant Contact)

Ezine Template, (Plain Text) Pick any back issue of "Great Speaking and copy it. Delete my info and substitute yours.

Firewall, Free 

Ghost Writers (This guy is awesome!)

GIF Compressor Free tool to decrease the file size of your graphics

Internet Marketing Courses (This is the guy that got me started. -- Highly recommended "Click: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Speakers" (also great for any small business) Six hour audio tape album

Keyword Density Analyzers

List Management Companies 

Media Databases (talk radio shows) (talk radio shows with more than 100,000 listeners)

Media Training

Joel Roberts, 

Pay Per Click Search Engines 

Post Card Marketing Course 

Product Creation Training 

Publicity Leads Fast, inexpensive and easy way to get publicity leads.

Publicity Training 

Recurring Billing Company For membership sites and automatic credit card billing

Screen Capture Software 

Screen Capture Video Recorder "Camtasia"

Smart Shopping Cart System 

Statistics Software 

Syndication Software Syndicate your articles all over the web the fast and easy way.

Telephone Bridge Lines 

Text Based Word Processor Great for doing Ezines

Text Cleaning Software Text Cleanup (cheap and handy for all kinds of things)

Website Creation Software (the techies hate it, but businesspeople love it)

Website Hosting 
520-544-5713, 888-932-6691

Website Positioning Software "Web Positon Gold" Keyword Density Analyzer Keyword Density Analyzer

Website Templates 



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